Sunday, October 18, 2009

Job Dunn

My first derby against Burnley was a 3-2 win where the scoreline didn't do justice to our dominance. And so it was this afternoon at Ewood as Joe and Louis enjoyed seeing a lively and comfortable win, orchestrated by another massive performance from David Dunn, reports here, here and here.

The game has all manner of dimensions for us these days - I'm now married into a Claret supporting dynasty, but loyalty is as strongly blue as ever.

The guys around us in the family stand apologised for their language and behaviour before the teams were even out. "This one's different," they said. It was, and it was also one of those days where your faith and commitment is renewed. Most Rovers games barely merit a mention in the press and end up being at last on Match of the Day. The hype this time was incredible. And, blissfully, there was no bother.

At 9 and 10 the lads are old enough to know bad language and where it is not right to use it. They were both understandly anxious about trouble, but as a good pal from Lancashire plod had texted me yesterday - "We've enough cops to invade Poland." It doesn't seem right that such extraordinary security is deployed for a football match, but maybe the more we play each other it won't be such a big deal. I'd also like to add that the Claret callers to BBC Radio Lancs and Alastair Campbell on 5Live have been fair minded and constructive. It might be wishful thinking, but maybe the nastiness could ease away if Burnley stay up this season. Maybe not.

In the stadium I wish they'd turn the pumped up music off. It kills the spontaneity and noise from the fans - Black Eyed Peas, No Nay Never, Killers, it doesn't matter whether I like the music but it's a pain.

Football wise I thought we were impressive today. Fluid, committed and capable of real quality. Nick Hornby once said that a 3-2 win is the best kind, especially if it involves coming from behind. Well, he's right. It has everything a football drama should have. A great day.

As for the sums, well, that first half was worth £199 on its own. Had we gone for match by match it would have cost us £67 today, and that means we've had £162 worth out of the season tickets so far.

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Vinjay said...

Decent win only to be expected against inferior clubs. Dosen't hold any extra significance to me never seen them as rivals. Bit disturbing with the home fans seeming more excited. You would think a club like Burnley would be more excited to play a much bigger club like Rovers than the other way round.

2 more games to go this month. Hope to beat Chelsea but the Man United game means so much more to me. I see some people referring to it as the Chelsea and Man United games as if they are equally important. Not really I regard the Man Utd game as much bigger particularly as I can't recall being in a title battle with Chelsea. A horror show for Man United on halloween would be brilliant though the thought does occur that it might be the other way round. Best to try and think positive.

Oh and would be nice to beat the younger Ferguson in the league cup fixture.

Do you think this local mindset and obsession with Burnley is going to help takeover hopes? I know you say you have always considered burnley rivals (I don't believe the majority who make that claim most are hypocrites) but going from calling Man United main rivals to someone like Burnley might look a little strange, perhaps parochial to a potential buyer.

Best case scenario takeover wise and many of those people claiming to not like Burnley today will be ignoring them again. As they did in the 90's.