Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A random collection of bookmarks for late October

I used to have a badge with "Professional Northerner" on it. But what is one? Michael Henderson tries to explain in the Spectator, but really just wants to be rude about John Prescott.

Football 365 is a site I've largely forgotten existed, but anyway, as a memory jogger here it is: the Mediawatch section is very good.

The olde football curiosity shoppe - Football Spotter.

Jonathan Schofield in Manchester Confidential is very good on just how rubbish one of our MEPs was on Question Time last week.

Keep an eye on UKIP, this is interesting from old pal Laurie Laird in GQ.

Comment on my work blog from a story that came out of a Question Time event I chaired last week. And the report in the Lancashire Evening Post.

Kidnapped by the Taliban, this looks fascinating, from the NY Times.

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