Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Insular Peninsula

Having lived for three quarters of my life in Granadaland, England's Northwest, whatever, then I can fairly say I know my way around. But I'm clueless about the Wirral. I've probably been here three times in my life: all for sport, the Open at Royal Liverpool and twice to see Rovers at the other Rovers. And that's why I'm here in the Village Inn in Bromborough as I have an early start in Birkenhead in the morning.

I also have no idea whether the place is insular or not. But it's a very cheap headline and I like a bargain. Over to you Nigel...Blackwell, or Hughes.

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Has anyone spoken to you yet? They haven't have they? That's 'cause your not from round there, are you? What's that accent anyway? Are you Man Yoo?