Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some autumn links to things I've liked

Best customer complaint ever.

Most prolific swearing ever, DVD commentary on Outlaw (not child friendly)

Mark Garner is looking forward to Tory Party conference next week.

Some nostalgic Hacienda artwork.

A very good recipe for Greek-style roast chicken.

We've put up some Respect barriers at our junior football matches, for our derby matches we're thinking of ordering these from Poland.

How did I miss this. Kevin Cummins photo exhibition at Richard Goodhall Gallery. Pay attention.

Thoughtful piece on the myth of the debt mountain by Michael Luger of Manchester Business School.

More outrageous stories from Roger Cashman and friends.

Feeling sorry for yourself? Snap out of it. It could be worse. You could have had a week like Nigel Hughes has had.

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