Sunday, March 01, 2009

Navigating a lunch for a hungry family

Our oven has packed in, which is a pain in the backside. It's an Aga and it also heats some of our hot water. I never particularly sought it out, it came with the house, but I have grown to really love it as I've learnt to cook using it. It also dries the clothes, keeps food warm when I'm doing a mega Sunday roast and my timings are all to cock. It's getting fixed, but it's costing a fortune.

I just couldn't face doing another roast dinner on our substitute two ring hob and electric oven, so we ventured into Marple for a Sunday lunch.

First stop, the Ring O' Bells after a dog dirt dodge along the canal towpath. Chef was on holiday.

Next, Dolce Vita. Shut.

Next, The Edge. Couldn't fit us in. Mmmm.

Finally, The Navigation. If I owned a pub and was looking forward to 40 football fans coming in at 3pm for the Wee Wee Cup Final then I doubt I'd be ready for 5 kids under 10 and their hungry parents. Fair play to them, they found us a separate room, fessed up to not having much in and sorted us out with plenty of hearty pub grub.

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