Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bookmarks - various things this week

Line up for Cornbury announced. Sorry but I think that looks pretty pants. We were going to go last year. Won't be even thinking about this.

Venture capitalists back Somali pirates, from the Daily Mash. Very good.

Laura Wolfe is back blogging - come on girl, you know you can do it.

Polly Toynbee on the crisis in regional press. She's annoying but it's always powerful stuff. Doesn't conclude with the point about local councils chucking squillions at ghastly free papers. It's a horrible cycle of demise.


Anonymous said...

powerful article by Polly Toynbee re demise of local papers - published in the Guardian, owners of Stockport Express, which she highlights. Stockport Express is one of the few locals putting on circulation - yet threatened by Guardian Media Group cutbacks. All credit to Stockport Express for reporting objectively and extensively in the paper on protests re cutbacks, including those of MPs. Stockport Express editor Mandy Leigh, taking redundancy, says she has no taste for the desk-bound recycling of press releases - dubbed "churnalism" by Nick Davies - that she sees as the only future. A grim propsect indeed for our local newspapers.

Laura said...

Well I am trying at least! I feel shamed into it now! I'll keep writing it if you keep reading it!! Must try harder!

Michael Taylor said...

Try a few things at a time. Doesn't have to be War and Peace. Use your wisdom.