Friday, March 20, 2009

Infantile disorders

When I went for lunch at Manchester University back in February I mentioned there had been an occupation of the admin block as a protest at the war in Gaza. When I went back to meet the President, Alan Gilbert, this week I didn't expect them to still be there. But they had been for a good month and had only just left. Apparently they were pretty much free to come and go, but they were becoming a bit of a pain.

The students blog is here. It's a feeble and self important series of delusional rants about how this dismal alliance of spoilt brats and terrorist sympathisers somehow believe what they are doing will have any bearing whatsoever on events in the Middle East. I thought it was a spoof at first. One post even call this "the Manchester intifada". No, really.

A video on the student website Fuse FM sees Alan Gilbert putting them in their place.

Their account of what happened makes them seem brave and revolutionary. They say Alan Gilbert "met our demands". Well, he listened to them, agreed to look into sending some old books to Gaza University and they, er, ended their occupation.

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