Saturday, March 21, 2009

Football, a simple game - isn't it?

I'm sure playing football is harder than it looks, but why can't highly paid professionals take a corner? El Hadji Diouf couldn't today. Appalling. He wasted each corner we won with a soft pass to the near post. Pedersen redeemed himself with some throw-ins that did what Diouf's corners couldn't. But we should have won today instead of drawing 1-1. I took this West Ham fan and his lad and we agreed that the best player on the pitch was Judas Neill, Lucas to his friends. Joe asked me why we still let Keith Andrews play as he's rubbish. A minute later he drilled in the equaliser.

Stock take on the season tickets. Today would have cost us £56.70. For Everton, we upgraded to corporate, but I gave my season tickets to pals. I'll not include that. So the running total is: £713.95.

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