Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blackburn Rovers shamed at Arsenal

No, not the scoreline - but that was bad. No, not the woeful defending from Olsson and Simpson. No, it was the shame that comes from losing with such a lack of grace.

El Hadji Diouf's late tackle on Arsenal's keeper was ugly. He's not a very nice guy is he? He was never an easy player to admire throughout his spitting and snarling. You can sometimes delude yourself that the players in the team you support will embody the values you hold dear. I don't see why they should, but you can at least develop a bond, or a liking (these things are all one-way), for players who compete with honour, are fair, hard working and don't rub your nose in it.

And Pedersen's dive. Pathetic.

I'm all for winning ugly if that's going to keep us in the Premier League, but that was an undignified shameful day for Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

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