Thursday, March 26, 2009

Campbell in Manchester

One of my colleagues interviewed Alastair Campbell yesterday at this. As this blog isn't about work I won't go into details, but he dropped into the conversation that his boss is a Rovers fan. This was his reply:

Tell him you were doing really well until then.

I would like to apologise at this point for phoning Mr Campbell in December 2000 after this and singing: "2-0 in your Dingledome."


Dante Regalia said...

Mick - spookily enough I was doing some, ahem, research as a countdown to the next D-Derby and put "2-0 in your Dingledome" as a search term on a popular search engine and yours was the first hit.

I also recall staggering out of the Brown Cow on Livesy Branch Road in December 2000 suitably refreshed having witnessed the 2-0 demolition and phoning Mr Campbell's voicemail which I had taken the liberty of securing beforehand. I don't recall the exact words I bellowed but they were something along the lines of the search term I've just used. Happy days indeed....

Dante Stivano

Michael Taylor said...

Indeed. It was the top tune on our coach as we crawled out of Dingle dell at some ungodly hour as the locals tore their town apart. I'll dig out the picture taken outside their club shop which inspred me to ring AC.

Dante Regalia said...

That's the pic I was looking for actually, I remember Rob Sagar sent it me back in the MMFH days and it was one of the illustrations I used in a mega pre-Dingle Derby issue I put together last time around.