Monday, April 12, 2010

Vote for democracy

Labour supporting friends have got their mojo back. They believe the country could find itself in a dreadful state if the Tories get it. I remember when I lived in Australia there were members of the Australian Labor Party who genuinely welcomed a period of opposition to regroup and re-energise. And if you believe in democracy - as opposed to a one party state - you have to concede a time when your party doesn't govern. That time has come for Labour supporters.

The scale of the economic turmoil ahead and the size of the budget cuts needed to address the deficit will take some character, even the brother of Ed Balls says as much in a report today - hinting that the weakness of the UK economy could drag the rest of the Eurozone down.

The Labour election broadcast today with Sean Pertwee was woeful. I thought it was a wind up.

I am surprised however that the bookies are still offering the shortest odds on an outright Tory win. They will come under hard scrutiny tomorrow at their manifesto launch. Listen to Cameron speak and he says nothing of any real substance. Tomorrow will be a crucial day.

None of this bothers me much, a hung parliamnet is not only likely but may bang a few heads together.

And round here the awful Tory poster at Marple station has gone, thankfully. The only posters in gardens and houses are for the Lib Dems.

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