Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Your evening of swing has been cancelled

At last, they've called the flipping election. I cannot see how the Conservatives can overturn Labour's majority. It's going to be a close run thing - but here goes, here's my prediction: Conservatives to have the largest bulk in parliament - 302 seats, Labour 240 seats, Lib Dems 73, Others 18, Northern Ireland 18. That assumes a bit of a uniform swing towards the Tories come election day, but nowhere near enough to govern outright.

This would mean the SNP and Plaid Cymru doing well, Respect, UKIP and the Greens winning one seat each.

And Liberal Democrats to hold Hazel Grove. Is that even a prediction?


Anonymous said...

It's not easy to call. I've been voting since 1970, and I can't recall an election when the outcome was so unpredictable. But I'll be surprised if the Tories do that well. Yes, Gordon Brown is a dead man walking, but when the moment arrives when we walk into the polling station to be faced with the ballot paper and a stubby pencil, I think many of us will think twice about entrusting our futures to Cameron and Osborne.

Unknown said...

Half Man Half Biscuit - nice