Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Annesley and his magic bus

Tuesday morning at Marple station saw the Conservative candidate and his chums handing out leaflets. Though my source tells me Annesley Abercorn, aged just 26 by the way, was in the car while his pals did the work. The initial reason given was he was taking a phone call. Anyway, details.

I now understand why he was on those ludicrous posters with David Cameron, apparently the Routemaster bus is his. According to the Indie he actually collects British vehicles and also owns "a 1955 Green Goddess fire engine, a 1972 ice cream van and a three-wheeled milk float. His voicemail was recorded by the Speaking Clock man..." There's a profile here.

David Quinn, creator of this description of Adrian Chiles and his beard had this comment on our candidate:

He sounds like a character out of a forest-based children's story. I imagine him driving his Routemaster through the woods.

Maybe this is all part of a cunning plan. Afterall he's changed his name, but that's his right and I'm not getting into why he might want to do that.

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