Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday links

Here are a few things I've been interested in this week.

Philip Blond's book is out soon. His attempts to create the mood music for a new Conservatism are intruiging. Some thoughts on him here and here. There are certainly some positive ideas around local community organisations and the state.

Moving swiftly on, a brilliant Daily Mail song here.

I do enjoy waking up to Nicky Campbell, but not when he has to get his mouth around The West Kent Hunt, here.

Wonder what was going on with Adrian Chiles' beard recently? Great description from David Quinn here: He looks "like the violent alcoholic captain of a Victorian steamship". Superb.

Dan Clough's Rovers Return blog has been particularly good this week. Great match report and a superb piece on the new season ticket prices. It's here.

Rory Sutherland, here, on why Brummies make good creative thinkers.

New blog here from Simon Sinclair, one of my Saturday touchline companions.

And more profound thoughts from Steve Connor's Headstretcher blog here.

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