Friday, April 16, 2010

There they go again

In the American presidential debates Ronald Reagan nailed both Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale with the same line: "there you go again". See it for yourself here.

As I watched the first UK Election Debate last night I saw the whole thing open up for Nick Clegg as he had his turn as Brown and Cameron clashed over something or other. He could and should have said: "There they go again, the old politics."

In one sense Reagan was the old actor yawning in the face of the statesmen. But can you honestly say you recall a single fact either said that actually hit you as revealing? No. But what do you recall? Nick Clegg's cheap suit, Cameron once met a black man who sold a Lexus to the cops and that Brown has a hard stare and either Icelandic ash on his shoulder or dandruff.

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