Saturday, February 06, 2010


The newly launched Apple iPad has claimed it can do many things. Enthusiasts have speculated it could do even more, as yet unimagined acts of greatness. No-one is claiming it will make you happy though. I say this through a slight fog of depression; brought upon the aquisition of my new iPhone. It has taken a bit of effort to work properly and still fails to sync with the home PC. This rather emphasises the poor quality of the old Dell on which this is being written. I don't really want to fork out for a new home computer at the present time, and I rather fear it will create more problems than it will solve. Something else will be wrong. We will lose photos, songs, drivers for printers, Wi-fi connections. Something will fail. Trying to get on Skype the other week was a major exercise in patience and perseverance.

These machines, which offer so much of a window on life, also cause such angst. At lunch yesterday, with four intelligent men who are all chief executives of successful organisations, this was a shared issue of some consternation. I don't have a conclusion, but I am past the point now where I have any enthusiasm for new gadgets and new technology.

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