Sunday, February 14, 2010

Councillor Shan Alexander - step down please

In late December, one of our local councillors, Shan Alexander, was sentenced to a community service order after pleading guilty to causing death while driving without due care and attention. The story about the case is in the Daily Telegraph, here, and in the Manchester Evening News, here. There are 9 suitably outraged comments on the MEN story, but I am amazed that more has not been made of this.

Mrs Alexander has been a Mayor of Stockport and has served this community with distinction. This blog supported her re-election in 2008. I have not changed my mind when I said then that she seems to be a good person. And I have no doubt that she is distraught about what happened to her. She has also served as chairman of the Stockport magistrates, and will no longer sit on the bench and administer justice, which is obvious when you think about it.

But I find it incredible that she is still a serving councillor. She really should do the decent thing and step back from public life immediately.

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