Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cheer up Owen Coyle

I didn't see anything positive for Bolton Wanderers in their 3-0 defeat today. Even their excellent goalkeeper made no difference as Rovers comfortably pushed them to one side.

For Rovers Gael Givet was the official man of the match, as chosen by a table of guests in one of the posh lounges (did you know that?). We agreed with that, especially after he crowned his performance with a goal near the end. Personally, I thought Keith Andrews deserves some credit for standing in at centre half when Ryan Nelsen went off. It was a spirited performance with good finishing instincts and some fire in midfield. Even Diouf was effective at times.

This run of wins should give the team the confidence to go into the remaining fixtures with a will to win, with a positive mental attitude. It would be nice if they would start positively against Liverpool next week who have just been dire in their last two matches. This season isn't over, we may well be safe, but it will be a test for Sam Allardyce and a measure of where he wants to go.

But poor old Bolton. Could Owen Coyle be the manager responsible for relegating two teams in one season?

It was just me and Joe today, which would only have cost us £20 as there was a special offer. That brings our season ticket tally to £437. We missed the Wigan and Hull games because, well, it's been rubbish and it's been cold.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we've been dire in our last two games Mick. We had the majority of the ball today against Citeh and probably should have won. Yet they were the home side. Last Thursday night (when I took our youngest, Harry 4, to his first game) was a typical European night. The sort of night I grew up listening to on my radio hidden under my pillow. Liverpool playing against a team who sit there with 11 men behind the ball for the whole 90 minutes. I expect the 2nd leg to be a lot more open and for us to get through to the next round. I'm planning my travel to Hamburg for the final already! Good to see both Torres and Benayoun back today aswell. Watched today's game in the Fox and Goose with my Dad. They've got this foreign satellite channel which shows every game it seems. The place was packed, mostly with new age Citeh fans!!

Michael Taylor said...

Nick, every report I've read says they've both been dire games. With Torres back, I can only guess Rafa will be folding his arms by 55 minutes on Sunday.

This new age fan thing is interesting isn't it? I heard a stat the other day that I haven't been able to stand up: 50% of Chelsea fans didn't support them 10 years ago. It could be one of those "all Man U fans come from Cornwall" ones, but it's all up for grabs now.