Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hand in hand by Jane Coupes

One of the things I like most about living round here is that we've met so many fantastic people through our children's school and sporting lives. On Friday night an upliftingly large number of these kind of people gathered to support Jane Coupes, who was launching her book. I don't know Jane very well, but I have got to know her husband Dom over the last couple of years and he's such a top bloke (for a Leeds fan). Jane's book is about how she suffered a stroke after the birth of their son Daniel in 2001.

Inevitably perhaps, as a husband and father, you reflect upon how you would cope and the effect that illness and disability would have on your own relationships, your friends, your children and on the logistics of life. I haven't read Jane's book yet, but obviously I bought a copy on Friday night.

You too can read how this family have coped with their challenges by buying a copy of the book here.

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