Monday, February 22, 2010

The Even Thicker Thick Of It

We watched the first series of The Thick Of It on DVD over the weekend. I thought it was a work of genius and couldn't believe I hadn't watched it before. The Office meets Yes Minister; with swearing. But obviously it's fantastical, isn't it?

Then I read this, from Andrew Rawnsley's book about when Gordon Brown bottled the election decision in 2008: "Brown's court started to devour itself as members of the inner circle attempted to dump culpability for the farrago on each other. To try to distance Brown and Balls from the debacle, Damian McBride spent Saturday afternoon on the phone to journalists of Sunday newspapers. He was spinning all the blame on to Douglas Alexander, Spencer Livermore and Ed Miliband. Several reporters were successfully persuaded that they were at fault for pushing Brown towards an election and then getting last-minute cold feet. As McBride rubbished other members of the Prime Minister's inner circle to reporters, he was caught in the act by Livermore who yelled at the spin doctor: "What the fuck are you doing?" McBride retorted that he was obeying orders from Balls: "I've been told to by Ed." The two aides screamed at each other in front of civil servants until Sue Nye dragged them out of the room."

Motherwell rules, eh?

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