Monday, August 03, 2009

Wide Open Road

It took ten hours to get from Marple to where we are staying in Cornwall. All told that included diversions to even get to the M6, two meal stops (an hour each), two road side toilet stops, rain in the Midlands, heavy traffic on the top bit of the M5 near Bristol, rubber neckers on the M5 in Somerset and a couple of wrong turns.

As I was piloting the supplies that's a lot of time alone. I listened to all my podcasts, a morning of Radio 4, some music and a dreadful afternoon of nothing courtesy of Radio 5 Live.

Here are some random things I learned.

More soldiers who served in the Falklands have committed suicide than died there in battle.

Justin Webb is leaving the BBC in Washington to move to London, the sale of his house there was a very odd process.

It's raining at Egbaston, thanks to Radio 5 Live.

Mark Mardell is leaving the BBC in Brussels to replace him.

It's still raining at Egbaston, thanks to Radio 5 Live.

The origins of the mild insult "Berk" - thanks to Andrew Collins on the Word Podcast, in a debate about Dave Cameron's use of the T word on the radio.

Ooooh, it's raining at Egbaston, thanks to Radio 5 Live.

I really don't like the Monocle Podcasts at all.

Julie Cullen and Matt Everitt on the BBC Radio 6 Music Podcast are just fantastic. Especially from live events.

Of the mid-period Jam albums, I prefer All Mod Cons to Setting Sons.

How is it possible to say so little other than it's raining at Egbaston, no thanks at all to Radio 5 Live.

If you do a Genius selection (from my music) based on One Day Like This by Elbow it comes up with, as you'd expect, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Glasvegas and... Promise by Girl's Aloud. Obviously based on songs of the year. And yes I do have that track.

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