Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bore all at Ewood today

The match today was dull stuff and deserves to be last on Match of the Day tonight. It was summed up by one key moment. David Dunn gets the ball on the half line, bursts forward, looks up and sees only Jason Roberts ahead of him closely guarded by West Ham defenders James Collins and Matthew Upson. Pedersen was ambling in the general direction. Vince Grella was probably digging a trench he was so embedded in a defensive position and Eamon Andrews was striding up in no great hurry. Chimbonda, who looked good all day, was tied to a piece of elastic preventing him crossing the half way line. Even with Dunny on the ball the manager's instructions seemed to be "8 behind the ball at all costs". The game plan today was simple: don't lose. Grim, but effective. Or just grim?

I'm still monitoring our football spending. It cost us £29 today for an extra ticket for Rachel, but because we had 4 season tickets, it would have cost £50. The total cost of our season tickets was £404. We missed the City match, so we've still got £354 to go to get our value. To complicate matters, we also have access to a lounge before the game which is pretty good.

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