Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is how it feels to be Everton

An Evertonian of my acquaintance was in a philosophical mood on Tuesday as he reflected on Saturday's 6-1 home lashing by Arsenal.

It felt strangely comforting, he said. "You know when you're in a marriage and everyone else on the outside sees the relationship as perfect. It puts pressure on you, because you know all is falling apart. You eventually reach that point where you admit to yourselves that this is over. Saturday felt like that. David Moyes is not a good manager. The squad is weak. Now everyone can see that, and we can do something about it."


Vinjay said...

A bit surprised the Guardian mentioned that Red Bull takeover rumour in their season preview. Was it your friend David Conn who wrote it? I know you mentioned it on here a while back but it barely even reached rumour status. Maybe there was some sort of interest and although I'm pro takeover nobody would have approved of what Red Bull might have wanted to do.

I don't know how much you hear within your business circles but keep us updated if you hear anything regarding takeovers.

Don't think anyone expected Everton to get thrashed like that.

pedro said...

Nice analogy but David Moyes not a good manager? Cobblers. Consistent top 5 finishes over the last seven years, with the smallest squad in the league. 1 game in and the knee jerkers are at it already!

Michael Taylor said...

Vinjay - there wasn't anything in the red Bull story at all. Seriously. I've asked around today and you're right it never got beyond wild rumour. David Conn had nothing to do with it either, it was just a throwaway line.

And Pedro - I think my pal was - over-dramatically - saying some cracks have been papered over.