Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ten thoughts on Oasis splitting up

* The first two Oasis albums were blisteringly good. They captured a time and had an incredible energy, the concerts in this country were the closest experience I'd had to what The Jam created from 1978-1982.

* For me, one of their best songs is on their rotten third album, All Around The World on Be Here Now.

* They never moved on. You could play each subsequent album to a man from planet Zarg and they'd never place them in evolutionary order. Oasis were discussed this week in the context of the new Arctic Monkeys album. This is different said a critic, better this than just trotting out the same old stuff, like Oasis.

* I saw Oasis at their blistering best in 1996 in San Francisco. Back then I thought Noel would ditch his simian brother and do bigger and better things with his pals like Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene. What took you so long? That said Echo Round the Sun on Weller's 22 Dreams is the worst track - and Noel's on it.

* That whole row with Blur was idiotic, probably rooted in a desire to endlessly punch Alex James in the face, which is understandable. I supported them, bizarrely, in the same way I instinctively supported Blackburn Rovers, Labour and England for Euro 96. But you have to say Blur have played the better hand over the years.

* I think they've turned their backs on Manchester, which is a shame. Mick Hucknall's millions are invested in the city. Where are the Gallagher's?

* You could imagine sitting down and having a drink with Noel and rather enjoying it. Not so with Liam.

* It's bad form to walk out with gigs planned. Noel says he can't work with Liam any longer, well, he's always been a knob so why let all those people down now?

* Very pleased for my graphic designer Darren Gillibrand. He was there at V Festival, the last ever UK show.

* I can't imagine any of them recording anything of any critical significance ever again.


Anonymous said...

I think Noel's best work was when he collaborated with the Chemical Brothers (who are also a product of Manchester...)

I was never a fan but used to like to see Liam cause trouble. Too many rock bands don't do the rock and roll thing anymore.

Nigel Barlow said...

Totally agree with all your ten points Michael.

The first two albums were for me also on a par with the late 70's Jam but they failed to follow up that creative impetus.

Anonymous said...

Three more gigs wouldn't have killed him. Just finish what you started. (Although that wouldn't have made as many headlines and I am guessing it is more "rock and roll" to walk out before the end.)

Maybe he just wanted to go to the match today at Portsmouth!