Friday, August 07, 2009

Gone fishing

It must be 33 years since I last went fishing. But the old magic (and the old ineptitude) was still there this afternoon as we messed around in the fields and lakes around Fentrigan Manor Farm. You should have seen the one that got away - a carp - it was THIS BIG. And we had such a lovely day as a family, away from other people and the demands from our children for ice cream. Very chilled out.

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Daftnessabounds said...

33 years that by my reckoning makes it around the time Bailrigg lake was terrorised by a few young kids from Scotforth. Using sea fishing weights to cast right across the lake then punting the raft out to the middle losing the punt and getting one leg stuck in the raft ending going home with only one trainer. Can't remember who fell in or fell through the raf !!! Looks different on google earth that lake. Don't think I've been fishing since either.