Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ten thoughts on the current political turmoil

Gordon Brown sounded alright on the radio as I was driving back from Harrogate yesterday. But when you see his body language and facial ticks you can tell he's absolutely wretched with it all.

James Purnell looks like a weak weasel now.

And Hazel Blears looks ridiculous. She is completely disconnected from reality.

Caroline Flint clearly was onto something when she said she was just part of the window dressing. I think she was marked down as some kind of Sarah Palin figure - and looked what happened to her. Also, she says "er, you know" more than David Beckham. Comments below this are interesting.

The appointment of Sir Alan Sugar - like the phone calls to Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan - is a joke. He is no longer a serious business figure.

Why do pundits rate Alan Johnson? What's he done? Apart from come across as a normal bloke?

David Cameron looks ludicrous as he hops up and down getting giddy about an election he can't lose. Isn't it a worry that he doesn't say anything of substance at all?

Isn't politics horrible? I have friends who are attracted by the idea of public service, but would you seriously want all this grief?

With Nick Robinson wittering on about politics and personalities, I almost miss Robert Peston.

The BNP getting a seat in Burnley is awful. Really bad. They polled 8000 votes across Lancashire, a good share. Assuming those same fools also voted fascist in the European election, they could be well placed for hitting the 8 per cent share in the European elections that they need to get their leader elected. HOWEVER, I cannot believe they have got their vote out in such numbers in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Merseyside. They did in Cumbria. AND, there's the UKIP factor which might soak up the protest votes. Fingers crossed.

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Laura said...

My fingers are firmly crossed, but I am bracing myself for the racist Holocaust-denier to have fooled enough people, or even worse that there are enough people in this country who are as racist as he is, to get a seat. I hope I am wrong. History shows that at times of economic turmoil and uncertainty, thugs like Griffin and his cronies win.

With the complete and utter mess we are in, do you think that those of us who feel we can make a difference and genuinely want to do good should stand up and say so? - if we don't, who will? That's a scary thought.