Friday, June 19, 2009

Bookmarks for mid June

This character is standing against Hazel Blears at the next election. I dare you not to peek at his book and marvel at the detailed research.

The Daily Mail run some quite ridiculous reader polls - this backlash is brilliant though, a Twitter inspired campaign to vote Yes to the question - should gypsies get preferential treatment on the NHS? - 93 per cent in favour when I voted. Hilarious.

A message to Yorkshire people who voted BNP. The people who voted BNP think that they have been told the truth. Hell, on the streets of Barnsley the people didn’t even know the name of the BNP candidate they had voted for. My job is to tell people the truth. I play music, so that should be easy – anything that’s a lie sounds like dissonance, out of tune, discordant to me.

I'm an enormous admirer of The Word magazine and all its podcasts, website stuff etc. I thought this month's cover story on Bono lapsed into nastiness.
‘Superstar saviour or sanctimonious git? Bono On Trial: A WORD investigation.’ is here.
Here's the case for the defence from Neil McCormick.

A Rovers blogger is here.

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Unknown said...

Cheers for the link mate. Always nice to find out someone's reading.

Dan - Rovers Return