Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dedicated follower of fashion and food

Got asked for London food tips the other day by William of Preston. Observations may be all worth sharing. A few clobber nods too.

I used to go to a good pie and mash shop on Exmouth Market near work but it’s probably in the middle of nowhere at weekends.

There’s one called Robins in Bethnal Green, near the tube. It’s not far from the Krays old stomping ground. Head back towards the City and you come to brick Lane, which is where you can get one of the best sandwiches you will ever taste. Jewish who don’t eat bacon boil a joint of salted beef, then serve thick thick slices with mustard in a beigel (pronounced Boygul). Nectar.

Thought you might like this.

I used to live in Pimlico and one of our local cafes was the Regency, nothing flash, greasy spoon, 1940s styling, but I last saw it when Morty gave Freddie a proper shoeing in the film Layer Cake.

If you fancied a mooch around Chelsea’s manor, get off at Parsons Green, head for the green, turn right at St Dionis Road and there’s an authentic little boozer called The Jolly Brewer – Denis Waterman gets in on matchdays. Pub on the opposite side of the green is the White Horse (Sloaney Pony).

For clobber shopping I’ve discovered this great little shop on Beak Street at the bottom of Carnaby Street called Albam. Really nice classic originals.

There’s also a boss shop in Covent Garden called The Loft

You’d be mad not to pop into the Stone Island shop. My pal Andy Dick (lives at Churchtown near Garrrrrrrstang, know him? Leeds fan.) is on first name terms with the manager, pop in and have a chat, he’ll put you on a mailing list, let you have first dabs at new lines.

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