Friday, June 26, 2009

Some bookmarks at the end of June

A flat in my old house in London is for sale for an eye watering amount of money. I wonder if the lad from the flat on the first floor still keeps his stash of crack in that cubby hole under the stairs.

Real Journalism's David Conn plays sweeper in the epic tale of the BBC Panorama saga - Harry Redknapp, Kevin Bond and Sam Allardyce never sued.

Blogging is dead say the experts - here and here. And do you know what, there's a scientific theory of this, The Hype Cycle - here - blogging is heading for the "trough of disillusionment" and Twitter has someway to go on the way towards the "peak of inflated expectations". Personally I think I'm on the "plateau of productivity" with The Marple Leaf.

David Quinn feels deep in the trough. He shouldn't. Words Dept is a good blog - spread the word.

Augmented reality
. Clever stuff.

I bought these trainers in Liverpool today. Couldn't resist.

Season ticket sales going well down Ewood way.

As undergraduate sociologists in the 1980s we would debate the plethora of jokes that would follow a death or a disaster. Coping mechanism, or just heartless twerps? Following the tragic death of Michael Jackson, I present the case for the prosecution.

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