Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deli delights of Marple

Blimey, it looks like there's annother deli opening in Marple. The shopfitters have been working hard at a space at the bottom of Church Lane, next door to Corals.

That would make it 3. Deli Select on Hollins Lane is good for cheese and interesting snacks. And Toast on Market Street holds some lovely foodie events.

I hope there's enough to go around.


Unknown said...

It's the second stop on the way from the college into the centre of town, the first being Littlewoods (who do some fantastic pies). I don't know how "deli" the food will be at this new place, but when your shop is nearby a load of hungry young people, it'll do fine.

Michael Taylor said...

That's a good point Howard. As I work during the day in Manchester I hadn't appreciated what a bustling lunch time economy there is in Marple - the captive market the college students provide is mega. I just hope they have better taste than I had at their age.
I notice it's called All Things Nice.