Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Purple Pakora - a cut above the average curry house

Picture of Purple Pakora taken by Ted of Mellor View
Maybe all curry houses are starting to get smarter, especially in the suburbs. Maybe I just need to get out more. Even though we were warned by pals that the Purple Pakora wasn't that good, we went anyway. And I liked Ted Stockton's review on the Mellor View blog. I've also sniffed its aromas enough times when I've arrived home at Marple station.

The popadoms were a little lifeless - but the accompaniments were excellent, especially the coleslaw.

We didn't order starters as we sometimes overdo it on my favourite - mixed tandoori grill. Our mains were off the special menu - lemon tikka chicken, a big chunky prawn bhuna, bhindi bahji, mutter panneer, pilau rice and a peshwari nan.

Everything was really fresh tasting and not too oily. The chicken was a particular surprise, very distinctive.

For me though the real test comes the next day when we eat what we couldn't finish for breakfast. Warmed up in the Aga it was just as delicious, and again, not greasy at all.

So yes, I would heartily recommend the Purple Pakora, a really good dinner. Others have suggested the Blue Nile in Hazel Grove is excellent, and the Indigo in Romiley is even better than that. Neither however have the advantage that they are walking distance from my new office and right outside Marple station.


Steve Hoyles said...

We have a Purple Pakora in Poynton and have never had a bad meal there either!

I have eaten at the Blue Nile - good, but not worth going out of your way for!

Marpleleaf said...

Obviously I had the grilled meat, no rice or bread, and can't vouch for the Cobra either...

Steve Hoyles said...

Your post suggests otherwise! Pilau rice and Naan?!

That said, it could be your cheat day!