Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trust in Rovers

The more the ever so chaotic Venky's bandwagon trundles Blackburn Rovers dangerously towards the trapdoor of relegation, the more I look back on the last year as a missed opportunity. There must have been some noble and resourceful supporters willing to manage an orderly transition from ownership by the Walkers Trust to something more dignified and democratic? Surely? The end result may have been ultimately the same - eventually - but in so doing it could preserve the dignity and the values that a traditional Lancashire club has.

For these reasons and more you have to support the formation of a Supporters Trust by a group of concerned Rovers fans. It's early days yet. There was a tentative move in the summer, but the group, me included, tiptoed around the club and waited for a meeting with John Williams. We then sat back and watched events unfold. No-one knows for certain what the future holds, but an organised and sensible supporters trust could provide a very valuable rock in a very unstable and volatile situation.

There's a Blackburn Rovers Supporters Trust Facebook page here

Here's another piece about the Venky's changes here (from Insider).

And here's another, about the role of Jerome Anderson (from Twohundredpercent).

For good measure, this is Supporters Direct.

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Savio Mathias said...

Michael there are several points I need clarifying reading your points in Insider media several points are alarming if true you state the mortgage debenture filed at companies house so can you confirm I have got this right the owners have taken out a mortgage against the club?. You state the clubs auditors have resigned & their bankers have issued a charge over all future assets so that begs the question are Barclays going to do all the audited accounts in future or who? It seems highly suspicious they would need to get rid of the clubs accountants?. I am glad you mentioned the Blackpool game as I agree it is a 6 pointer no matter what I will be there hopefully cheering the lads onto a much needed win I hope you will show your support as the fans and everyone needs to stick together in this time of crisis. You say the effects of relegation would be a hammer blow have you heard the same as me that if the club go down it will be liquidated & we will have no club left?. You say the club have appointed 2 new directors Mahesh Kumar Gupta & Reddy Gandhi Babu none of them hold uk directorships of any UK companies it begs the question who are these jokers I thought Gandhi was an Indian prime minister & more importantly what are the exact roles of these 2 people? In Venkys statement to the league they said they want to improve marketing potential in India does that mean Head Of Marketing & Commercial Simon Williams will be replaced?. I heard about Crown paints not renewing their sponsorship are their any early clues as to who the new sponsors might be?. Also any clues as to who the new chairman could be?. It states Barclays have made a charge over all commercial activities for this season am I right in assuming they have made that charge because Venkys have borrowed money against the club? So as to protect themselves?. In the 2nd article it states this Lawrence Bassini was a friend of Jerome Anderson & he was offered Blackburn Rovers I have heard can you confirm Jerome Anderson is no longer with Rovers as the Rao's have dispensed with his & SEM's services?. As the article states how any football agent can recommend a bankrupt person own a premier league football club is beyond belief. Also it begs the question if Anderson is with Rovers still what is his role exactly? It also states in the article someone has stood in for these old hacks to advise Rovers? so it begs the question who exactly is advising Rovers seeing as most of the players are Brazilian is it someone from out there?. I have to say I am worried about the state of our club can you also confirm the 2 players boought in January Ruben Rochina & Mauro Formica cost a lot more than what was advertised?. I agree we have to support the supporters trust as it is our club that is at risk. Also another point you might have heard I have tried to email Venkys on many occasions about the club their plans, new merchandising lines etc. but they never seem to reply to any emails do you know any supporters having the same problem? I will understand if the nature of some of the answers are sensitive & you want to keep them secret if it's better you can email me


thanks for reading & look forward to hearing from you by the way if you are there on saturday one thing I know I will enjoy hopefully you will too is the deal on the pies & pints. speak soon