Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music from the heart

Mike Garry, here, writes a beautiful paean to Raymond Carver and Guy Garvey, two of my favourites. He gets caught up in the emotion of it all, something about Elbow's track Lippy Kids - which includes the line "build a rocket boys" touches him. Wonderful stuff. I love that music can do that.

And me? I'm still massively in love with the whole idea of Elbow. This piece by Guy Garvey in Shortlist is one more reason to. We're not going to the Arena for the tour as nothing can ever bring back the birthday memory of the 2009 festival with the Halle. I tried to listen to the new CD (bought from Piccadilly Records) when I came home tetchy and tired on Thursday. I thought it reached some of heights of Seldom Seen Kid, but not quite. Not yet anyway.

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