Sunday, April 12, 2009

What it means. What does it mean?

For Christians Easter means a great deal more than four days off work and a stomach full of chocolate. For the national media looking in, and focusing on the stance of the church on issues of the day, it has become a curious sideshow.

I don't talk about being a Catholic much on here, or anywhere to be honest. I know I should, but I just am, it's how as a family we live our lives. To me, the words I take the most from after a service are the last ones - let us go in peace, to love, and serve the Lord. The punctuation is important, especially the middle bit about love. If you embrace that in all you do, then the rest follows.

I mention this because of the reaction to Vincent Nichols and his message at Easter. One newspaper (here) urges him to reject "rightwing" ethics and work harder at his "politics of compassion". Eh? It's amazing how many newspaper leader writers seem to treat faith issues as if they were political matters. I don't. Whatever. God bless you all. Happy Easter.

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