Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marple station - now a pub, eh?

I'm really enjoying Stuart Maconie's search for middle England in his latest book, Adventures on the High Teas. In a passage on the slaughter of the railways he refers to Marple station and says it is now a cheery pub (p237). Surely this is a mistake. There may be a pub in Marple that used to be a station, but I can't think where. And both Marple and Rose Hill stations do have adjacent pubs.

He did a very good TV programme on Marple and Stockport not being connected by train - and a link to this is here.

It rather spoils the effect and I mentioned this when I reviewed Pies and Prejudice, his last book, here. You take him at his word on places you don't know - but keep finding mistakes when he writes about the places you do.

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