Saturday, April 04, 2009

Emotional rescue at Ewood Park

For 80 minutes I went through the same tortured, miserable series of emotions I've been through all season watching Blackburn Rovers. Despair at the poor quality of the football, especially from us. A fickle feeling of doubt too about the effectiveness of Sam Allardyce; chucking Chris Samba up front seemed like a gimmick, persisting with Aaron Mokoena seems like stupidity, especially with Tugay on the bench. There's the frustration at poor refereeing decisions which seem to cost us every week. And finally prickly irritation at everyone around me in the Family Stand - the kids with the horns, the hungry and bored faction within our brood, the armchair pundits behind me who moan too easily. And not a little embarrassment at the amount of emotional capital I invest in this football club with all its faults and all the ensuing disappointment it causes me.

And then, in the final ten minutes, some verve. A spark, a sending off - probably a bit soft - and two late goals. Delight, pride, cheer and a shine to the day.

If we didn't have season tickets it would have cost us £77.25. That brings the total for the season to £791.82. I've promised the tickets for Wigan or Portsmouth to another family after I donated the tickets in a raffle, and we'll go to the last one against West Brom.


Vinjay said...

Sensed the winner after the equaliser went in.

Seeing as you have inside knowledge on business affairs heard any takeover rumours around BRFC recently?

Michael Taylor said...

There's absolutely nothing doing. Thank the Lord that Chris Ronnie wasn't a serious bid and just a front for a bunch of Cheshire based Rovers fans.

If you consider that Liverpool, Newcastle and Portsmouth are for sale and there are no buyers I think you can safely deduce Rovers are in limbo for a while yet. At least we're for sale in the Premiership. Burnley and Preston are in dire straits financially at the moment. There's no future in 12,000 fans watching Championship football.