Sunday, April 05, 2009

Punk's Not Dead

I've opened a few old vinyl record cases today. Two boxes were ruined, including a limited edition Public Image newspaper sleeve. All my original Jam singles are a bit musty.

The highpoint was a punk box including some rare pieces you can't get through iTunes, or even on CD, including Crass - Bloody Revolutions. I really enjoyed listening to this and recalling that it was bought for me by my childhood pal John Unsworth, who is now a born-again Christian living in Cyprus.

I've wired up my Bower & Wilkins speakers to a retro record player/radio and the quality is excellent, chortling at the irony embedded in this other rediscovered classic. Lyrics here.

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Unknown said...

Michael, get yourself a USB turntable and convert all that quality music into MP3. It's awesome listening to your vinyl on an i-Pod!