Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shearer is no fool

Yes, I thought it was an April Fool as well. Why would Alan Shearer risk his reputation to return to Newcastle as manager? Well, he can't lose can he? If they stay up, he's the saviour. If they go down, it was someone else's problem. And he can learn the ropes bringing up the best supported team in the Championship.
He's only ever won one medal as a player, with Blackburn Rovers. It must stick in his craw that he put his heart before his head and went to Newcastle instead of Old Trafford, where he could have won everything.


Vinjay said...

Jack Walker wouldn't sell him to Man United. Shearer wanted to join them but hell would have frozen over before Jack sold him to them.

Shearer however prefers to keep up this myth that he chose them over Man United to preserve his god like status.

Peter White-"Rovers should never be forgiven for allowing that to happen. They know they would never be forgiven if they let Shearer go to the club the Rovers fans love to hate. Fans might just live with a move to Barcelona or Milan. But not to "that lot."

Michael Taylor said...

Hi Vinjay,

There's a lot of truth in your point about the Shearer myth making.