Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the phone

By way of adding to my list of gripes about drivers, I have another. Drivers who text or phone while driving. My answerphone message says - "I may be driving" as a way of saying, so I won't be taking your call. It is so dangerous. I don't even do hands free.

Last night it seemed I was caught in the convoy on its way to the shite drivers convention at the end of the A57. One absolute moron was driving a large Range Rover (personalised number plate too - aagh!), when I pulled up alongside the idiot was on the phone. What do you do next? Can you call the police when you get home? Does it matter? Will anything happen?

I've even had an email today from a road traffic lawyer saying the legislation is vague, which it always is when tricky lawyers come up with lame excuses for breaking the law, or shift the burden of proof.

Slow down, it can wait.

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Anonymous said...


I got caught phoning while at the traffic lights because I thought it was safe about a year ago

I won't do it again and have not since

I learnt a lesson and I do not want a lawyer to get me off - I would rather take my punishment and be safer