Saturday, February 07, 2009

Glasvegas live - poor show

We went to see Glasvegas at the Academy last night. It was poor. Really, really, really disappointing. The "wall of noise" was just a tuneless din. You can't even blame the poor acoustics in the venue as Friendly Fires were excellent. I think Glasvegas must have a very good studio producer, as the whole arrangement was all to cock. The energy and power on the album (which I love) is as much about the silences as the full throttle feedback and the chugging bass.

It's the first time I've been to a gig at Manchester University since I left in 1988. Maybe I'm just an old git, but I had a flashback to punk gigs circa 1981 when I'd wish the time away as the noise was just so ear-bleedingly awful, but we were too cool to admit it. So, I can say it now: Insurgents, Warsaw, Anti-Pasti, UK Subs, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Chron-Gen and the Angelic Upstarts. You were rubbish.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that someone else thought the same, they were really poor, came on late, completely out of time on a couple of songs. We left before they finished, something I don't think I've ever done.

I thought they clearly didn't want to be there and if I could I'd ask for a refund!

Anonymous said...

Shame that Michael. As I wrote back in November, they supported the Bunnymen at the Echo Arena. I put the lack of oomph down to them being the support band in a big venue. You'd expect different when they're headlining wouldn't you? Such a great album too!

Michael Taylor said...

I thought about leaving early myself. Especially as the original Abduls was just next door. The best chicken tikka kebabs ever. By the time we left a queue had formed, we have a babysitter on an hourly rate and it was freezing.

But yes, Glasvegas have a feeling about them that this is all going to crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about Glasvegas. I really liked the album but i did think when listening to it that they might struggle to develop their big chorus/major chord/glasgow accent sound over more than one album. Bit like the way franz ferdinand struggled after widely accalimed first album. Almost as if there's a problem in arriving fully formed. Bands which develop their voice slowly through a number of albums - elbow, kings of leon - don't seem to have the same problems.

Surprised they were crap live, though. Glad I chose Villa v FC Zilina over their pre-Christmas gig at Wolves Civic in that case.