Monday, February 23, 2009

Food fun in Leeds

Yesterday's food review in the Observer saw Jay Rayner venturing north to Piazza by Anthony at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. Coincidentally I was there myself today. It looks amazing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to eat anything more than a croissant and a cup of strong coffee.

Rayner's review was the usual mix of the vaguely patronising and the annoyingly observant. By and large he was right about the atmosphere of the Corn Exchange. It feels empty and in this climate you wonder how it can be filled. There's a cheese shop on the lower floor which has a special temperature controlled section for some serious cheeses, also insulated from the hams and oils at the front of the shop. They needed to, the Yorkshire Blue and the Bishop's Finger nearly knocked me out. My excuse for not buying was it was 11 in the morning and I had a full working day ahead of me. I didn't need any excuse at all to not buy a bottle of balsamic vinegar for £85.

It's got to be worth a visit again though.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me for asking. Which bit of my review did you find vaguely patronising? (Annoyingly observant I can live with.)

Jay Rayner

Michael Taylor said...

"meat is very Leeds".