Thursday, February 19, 2009

BYO Popcorn

Rachel took the boys to Cineworld Stockport today to see BOLT. A good time was had by all.

But here's a thing. While the public have cottoned on how extortionate the popcorn, sweets and drinks are at cinemas the widespread response has been to bring your own. There's a story here. We certainly have done; in fact, it's what Woolworths was good for. There are now signs up everywhere saying there will be random bag searches to stop you bringing in your own food. Clearly cinemas are struggling to make ends meet on ticket sales alone and make up the shortfall by charging so much for a bag of Revels and a tub of pop.

This reflects an inbalance in the economics of the cinema business. Something needs to give here, possibly in the amount studios charge cinemas, therefore in the amount of money actors get paid.

And the film? They all loved it, but they still can't have a dog.

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