Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just in Edinburgh

We've just come back from a day trip to Edinburgh. What a fantastic city - with, for me, lots of happy memories of August festival weekends, New Year parties and a few good sessions in the bars of Rose Street, The George Hotel bar and the City Cafe in Hunter Square.

Not this time, we took all the kids on the train and hiked around. Our kids don't feel they've had a proper day trip until they've had a run round a park and spent their pocket money on tat. Luckily Edinburgh is good for that, as long as the tat has tartan all over it.

We even did the Royal Mile and saw Holyrood and the Scottish Parliament building before getting the open top bus tour down to Leith and back round again. It's a side of the city I'd not seen before with some great buildings and a sense of grandeur. I just enjoyed being with them all in a place that holds many happy memories.

But I wonder what memories of the day the kids will have? Two of them fell asleep on the bus tour and we were in and out of the Museum of Childhood within 20 minutes. Another was sick on the way there and at least two of them were starving an hour after we had tea.

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