Sunday, June 05, 2011

Rovers rumours

Here's what I've heard about Blackburn Rovers. It's a fairly unpleasant workplace to be behind the scenes. Tom Finn is relieved to be on his way and won't be the last of the old regime to go. Appointing Paul Hunt as a deputy chief executive to work alongside a managing director was never going to last. There is no sign of a new chairman. There is still no sponsor willing to pay the £5m they were asking. This in turn is delaying the marketing of next season's kit and the distribution of the season ticket renewal packs. A betting company was lined up (groan), but was knocked back by the Indians. No serious decision is taken without approval of the two new directors Gandhi Babu and Mahesh Gupta. They have to consult with the Rao family on everything.

On the pitch, Nicola Kalinic, Chris Samba and Phil Jones are almost certain to be sold. That's not something I've heard from the inside. It's a gut feeling.

As for Steve Kean, rumours that Rochdale have requested permission to speak to him about the vacant manager's job at Spotland are just wishful thinking on my part.

Does any of this suggest that Venky's know what they are doing?


Vinjay said...

Rather it be unpleasant than the comfort zone mentality under the previous regime.

Jack was never officially on the board simply because of his travel restrictions. Mrs Desai clearly holds the position even if it isn't official. Obviously there's nothing in the premier league rules to demand it and I believe Sheffield Wednesday went over a year without one in the football league.

Don't think most people would be too distressed if Kalinic is sold. Samba is overrated in my view and even Jones can't universally be deemed a world class player yet. I just hope in the case of Jones that he has enough decency and respect for Jack and his legacy to ignore one particular club but I don't trust anyone anymore.

I can't really see why you would have a problem with it anyway since you never had issues with the Walkers selling top player after top player. I expect they would put a decent amount from the proceeds back into the squad at least.

Quite right that there should be consultation at highest levels on all serious matters. Have you got a problem with them appointing their own people on the board. I remember you suggesting certain locals be appointed to the board who just happened to be friends of yours. No ulterior motive there I'm sure...

Are you suggesting 5 million a season or a contract covering the next 2, 3 seasons? I believe the last one was 5 million over 3 seasons which I never considered good enough. There's still plenty of time hopefully it will be something less regional than the last sponsor. Why shouldn't they take some time to plan out the best deal?

Cryer said that he has an interview with Hunt lined up next week by the way. You can pass on any comments to Hunt via Lynsey Talbot via (she says she will pass on any comments) though I'll wait until after his interview to send my current thoughts.

Anonymous said...

My sources tell me that there has not been a full board meeting called since the takeover.
Also I think Martin Goodman is seeking pastures new.

Michael Taylor said...

Whatever, Vinjay.

Original board piece is here:

For the record, of the 4 "locals" I suggested for the board I'd say one was a friend (Ian). Two I've met once (Roger Devlin and Wayne Wild), and I know John Green fairly well through work and see him a few times a year. So don't try to slur me with your insinuations.

Yes, for clarification, £5m a season. Crown have been a good sponsor. Local business, national brand.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your post.

Finance director Martin Goodman is indeed going to be the next to leave, I believe that London based head hunting company have already been instructed to get a new finance director.

The lack of a sponsor is affecting the club at all levels, nothing on the commercial side can move without one and Venky's have managed to knock back 2 who they did not like, hopefully Hunt with his expertise in this area will be able to address these issues.

There is chaos in the background, agents don't know who to talk as there is no longer a clear line of authority at Rovers. A number of players like Kean but have no confidence in the current management and will look to leaves the club, problem is like Kean, Hunt has no experience of running a club or experience of negotiating transfers, yet in first two weeks he may have to negotiate a huge transfer.

The blame for all of this chaos and uncertainty is totally with Venky's, their ownership has been littered with poor decision making and they still have not learnt the simple lesson that they need experienced football people to run the club.

Rovers summer of discontent has only just begun.....

3enjy said...

Jack was a legend and will always be held in the highest esteem by all Rovers fans but the clubs direction and aims are now different. Players all play for themselves and that's it,- the 'loyal' players are very extreme and show same loyalty they get back off clubs.

Players like Niko, EHD and a few others have been cast aside by Steve Kean as has happened to others under previous regimes.

The Walkers basically kept the club afloat when maybe it would have been in administration by now under others so some people contempt for the Walkers or the associated brands is laughable. We may not have been able to compete in the transfer Market but still achieved good finishes in the league.

Whatever the future holds for the era or the past owners this is still my club and always will be.

As for the players that have been mentioned with transfers every one has their price, is Samba over rated or under valued that's a matter of opinion but i say unless Mr Wenger turns up with £15 for him he should be turned away as for Jones a hell of a lot more......

Anonymous said...

Almost to a man, the entire first team squad cannot stand, trust or respect Steve Kean.

The longer he is in charge of the club, the less chance we have of keeping our current big players and attracting any decent players to sign.

Make no mistake, keeping Kean this season WILL result in disaster for the club.

Mr LG said...

Vinjay your a dipstick Samba is one of the best defenders in the Priemer League! Phil Jones is going to be England captain one day!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Does Vinjay work for Venky's?