Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ripple Effect by Dominic Holland reviewed

I tracked down this book after working with Dominic Holland at a live event we held down south. He was a very dry, but very effective comic host and I really liked him.

This book is a breezy, easy read. But it also has a savage cynical heart. It's about the rape and pillage of football clubs by property developers, corrupt councillors and assorted spivs. So much of the story - but not all - brought back memories of the trials and tribulations of Wrexham, but also there is a resonance with York, Brighton, Chesterfield and countless others. There can be a happy ending, but so often there is not. Lovely story, warm characters as well as excellent pantomime villians. Recommended. Track it down, especially for the mention of local scribes in the credits. One for Simon Binns from when he worked at Supporters Direct and for Real Journalism's David Conn, for his passionate polemics on the bad guys.

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