Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few melancholy thoughts about Rovers

So, Rovers are still stuck in the relegation scrap after losing 1-0 at home to Manchester City. Here are a few random thoughts.

If you don't score goals, you can't win games. And we didn't have a serious threat on goal. In my heart of hearts I knew we were beaten when I saw Junior Hoilett outside the ground at 7pm. Without him, there is nothing special enough to beat a team like Manchester City.

Roberts and Benjani play to win free kicks and penalties. They go down very easily for strong men. Kalinic is similar. So, for all Steve Kean's witterings about the good work on the training ground, no-one was able to take a decent free kick. Where is the sense in that?

Phil Jones and Chris Samba are an awesome centre back pairing. They'll be off in the summer, come what may. Robinson is a great keeper too. He won't want to hang about.

David Dunn simply doesn't have 90 minutes in his engine. Rochina was a flash in the pan, a few fancy flicks, then he was chasing shadows. I can't make my mind up about Jermaine Jones. But he's like so many Rovers players - "alright". The better teams have a Silva, or a Berbatov, a ruthless assassin capable of changing a game. We haven't had such a player since Roque Santa Cruz v1.0.

Bolton Wanderers are beatable this Saturday. But so too were Blackpool, Newcastle and Birmingham.The players don't look as beaten as the 1999 team did at this stage. Or, to be fair, the 2004 team.

The  lads who were climbing on the Jack Walker statue after the match were out of order. But emotions are running high. I thought the fans were fantastic last night.


Savio Mathias said...

Michael I agree with you about the goal threat Jase Roberts should have buried that chance I'm sure if that chance had fell to Benjani the onion sack would have bulged even my gran could have put that one away!. As you say though drawing games does not get you far in this league & we at the very least need to carry a goal threat. However the one major point you fail to mention is the fact the winning goal should never have stood Balotelli is clearly stood offside & interfering with play by blocking Robbo's view & you state Robbo & Benjani go down to easily if you look carefully Kompany takes J.Roberts legs from underneath him it is a clear penalty & criticising Kalinic after all he only had 20 minutes what do you expect on the whole I thought he held the ball up well & got others into the game. I agree without Hoilett we look devoid of creativity. I have to agree David Dunn is finished at this level he no longer has the engine for the EPL. I thought Rochina showed some good touches but I agree in the 2nd half was anonymous. I agree with you whoever was climbing all over U.Jack's statue was not on however you have to feel sympathy as this lot & the rest of us watch as our beloved team is getting ripped to shreds going down the tubes with owners in charge who never give interviews never respond to any contact via email the least they could do to show they care would be to turn up for the last 4 games to show they are in this together with us instead of watching the disaster happen before there eyes.

Michael Taylor said...

Savio, you say - "if you look carefully Kompany takes J.Roberts legs...and it is a clear penalty."

It isn't a clear pen becasue the ref didn't give it. The ref didn't have the benefit of your replay technology to "look carefully".

Decisions come and go. Our fate isn't in the hands of refs getting decisions wrong. It never is.