Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fair play to Arsenal

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that supporting Blackburn Rovers has its benefits, even when we lose. Seeing Arsenal yesterday was one of them. I thought we gave them a game, we could have grabbed a point, which I would have been thrilled with, but if being in a league like this is to mean anything it is to take defeat on the chin. It sounds defeatist, but yesterday I enjoyed how the game unfolded and it should make certain Rovers players better for the experience. Take Phil Jones, he can tackle, he can pass, but he will have learnt a thing or two about movement and passing from Cesc Fabregas. You also have to appreciate a talent like Theo Walcott. This theory that he lacks a "footballing brain" is idiotic. Even when he's quiet his positioning and looming threat created a headache for Gael Givet.

My eldest lad confessed yesterday that he quite likes Arsenal. I hope it was for an appreciation of that style of football.

I think over the last couple of seasons we've established the fact that our season tickets are value for money and a decent investment, so I won't bother with calculating quite how much value they represent. Yesterday, however, was also a reminder of how lucky we are to be able to watch such great players.

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