Saturday, December 05, 2009

Some advent links

Some assorted links I've liked.

Try this game - locate the football ground. Endless minutes of fun. I scored 118402.

The flip side of the Football Museum moving to Manchester - what next for Urbis? From Gnome Chomsky.

Extraordinary story - The man who smuggled himself into Auschwitz. From Derren Brown.

Oh dear - Roger Cashman has discovered Twitter.

Some cool looking stickers have been popping up around these parts. From CasCo.

I'm going to keep my eye on this. The Reference Council.

Stop the X Factor morons getting a Christmas number one.

Cities bidding for the World Cup - is it just me, but has Liverpool the weakest case of all?

One of my lads is obsessed with penguins. This public art lark in Liverpool looks great.



97910 on find the football ground

RobArtisan said...


how about celebrity manhunt?

X Factor "stars", boy bands, the z list celebrities that go in the jungle and other useless people can be hunted by say well known chefs, who can then be challenged to make something with their quarry on Ready Steady Cook

Of course it would all be for charity, so good clean family entertainment for a worthwhile cause.

What do you think?


Michael Taylor said...

Great idea Rob. I avoid all these celeb reality shows. Utter shite