Thursday, December 31, 2009

Football predictions - how am I doing so far?

At the start of the season I made the following predictions for the season. I'm doing better in Pick the Score too. Currently 141 points, 2nd in the league at work, and the best in the country is on, er, 176.

My predictable top 6 only really has the howler of Liverpool's chronic underachievement. The other big surprise this season, for me, has been Birmingham City. The rest I pretty much stick by. Wait and see.

1 Chelsea (spot on)
2 Liverpool (oh dear)
3 Manchester United (slightly underestimated)
4 Manchester City (only one off)
5 Tottenham (only one off)
6 Arsenal (slightly underestimated)
7 Aston Villa (nearly)
8 Everton (some way off)
9 Sunderland (nearly)
10 Fulham (nearly)
11 ROVERS (over optimistic)
12 Wigan (four out)
13 Stoke (nearly)
14 Bolton (bit off)
15 West Ham (nearly)
16 Portsmouth (way off)
17 Burnley (nearly)
18 Wolves (nearly)
19 Hull (spot on)
20 Birmingham (way off)

No point reminding you about the cup predictions, but I did tip Manchester United reserves for the League Cup.
I said Gary Megson would be the first manager to get sacked, he was third. I still think we'll lose at Turf Moor but rightly predicted a win at Ewood over Burnley and I stick to my prediction that they'll stay up.

Elsewhere, West Brom are still on track to win the Championship, but I'm way off in thinkin that Ipswich and Derby would come up with them. Newcastle have done better than anyone imagined and I'm pleased that Blackpool have proved me wrong. I had Ian Holloway down as a clown, but he's done OK. PNE are indeed in mid table, but far from happy.

Huddersfield and Charlton may still go up. Looks like I was wrong about Dirty Leeds staying down. But sadly I was right about Stockport County going down.

It's a good job I'm not a gambler.

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