Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My mate.... Dave Crossen #3 in a series

This random shuffle of my address book, ahem, has today thrown up... Dave Crossen.

When we were at University in Manchester from 1985-1988, living in 245 Upper Brook Street, we formed a circle of friends that did very well to stay close over the years. We shared houses and flats with various combinations in London, settled down, were best men and ushers at each others weddings. I'll admit I'm really only close to one of the group - John Dixon, Joe's godfather - it's not that we've fallen out, we just went off in different directions. Dave, from Leeds, went to New York. I haven't seen him for ages (3 years), but remarkably he is in Manchester today to stay with his brother (another great lad) and we're meeting for a drink tonight. We have much to catch up on.

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